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Our Guiding Philosophy 

We are firstly a family office and believe in maintaining our strict privacy.  As such we do not publicly name ourselves, our partners or our staff as discretion and confidentiality are tenets that we abide with.  This extends to all external parties who might be brokers, dealers, vendors, service providers, agents, individuals, financial institutions, companies and entities (who might be public or private) and government or regulatory bodies that we might have dealings with. 


We are led by our Managing Director (MD) who has three decades of experience in the financial markets.​ Our MD had been a top-ranked derivatives trader and also ran a derivatives structuring and solutions advisory group in Asia Pacific for a top bulge bracket U.S. investment bank, followed by stints in managing a multi-billion global macro strategy fund for a financial institution and subsequently also in the establishment of a special situations fund in Asia and a global macro fund in Europe.


We believe in finding the most effective and optimal solutions for ourselves and also for our most favoured external parties whom we call our partner-clients who have engaged us to help them achieve their goals. All these will be accomplished with our own resources and also in collaboration with trusted third party associates that may be engaged for specific purposes for ourselves or our partner-clients when warranted.


While we will always be enthused in forming relationships and alliances with external parties who like and favour our expertise, philosophy and business approach; we might not be able to take on as many partner-clients as we desire. This is due to the strict criterion that we set for ourselves in giving our very best and in performing to the highest exacting standards within our resource base.  To the select few partner-clients that we are performing work for, we thank you for your generosity and kind support. For others whom we have yet to seal that partner-client relationship, we look forward to doing that at the earliest opportunity when conditions are optimal between us in permiting the highest quality solution to be delivered.

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